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My Emotional Will

My life. My Wishes. My Legacy


I love you... thank you, good bye...

If you died tomorrow- would all of your stories, memories and traditions die with you?

We don’t always say what we want to or should say to those we love the most. We also rarely put in place what we want when we die.

When my Father died suddenly and unexpectedly 18 years ago when I was just 31; all of his stories and memories of his childhood were gone in an instant. He was just 52 and gone from my life forever. I thought we had time.....we didn’t. We never had the conversation about what he wanted when he died either, luckily my Mum did.

What I would give to have a letter from my Father telling me things that were important to him, in his handwriting. Photos of us that were special to him. Letters for milestones that I and my newborn son were yet to experience; something special put aside for my wedding day.

I won’t ever get that now, but My Emotional Will can help you leave behind a lasting legacy of love, so there are no questions left unanswered.

It will also give you the opportunity to record what you want and don’t want when you die.

Believe me when I tell you what a priceless gift this will be for those left behind.

What you'll get:

  1. A step by step 12 module online detailed program to support you in recording your wishes and life story.
  2. Michelle Jewels-Parsons supporting and narrating as you go, giving suggestions on what to think about and how to do it!
  3. Workbooks, templates and other suggestive mediums to enable you to 'have the conversation that no one is having!'
  4. Additional information about things you need to consider when you die. Michelle is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to your options, and you get all of this INCLUDED in your program at no extra cost! All of which can be added to your Death Kit (given to attendees of Michelles Community Workshops!)

The purchase of My Emotional Will secures access to the program when you want! There is no expiration date of when you need to complete it!

You can go at your own rate, when and as it suits you!

You are encouraged to set up folders on your computer for easy access for your family to find, save to a USB or better still, print these off as hard documents as a back up! Its your choice!

Your Life. Your Wishes. Your Legacy.

I am SO glad that you are being proactive and recording your life stories and memories, and helping your family by telling them what you want and DON'T want when you die!

As a participant of the My Emotional Will Online Program, you will be invited to join a private Facebook Group to give you further support to the program and you can participate in weekly Facebook live interactions with Michelle too, all inclusive in your program fee.

A wonderful investment into your life and death!

Welcome aboard!


Michelle Jewels-Parsons,

Celebrant, Speaker, Author and End of Life Companion.